Interactive Video
engage your audience like never before
What is clickable video
a video where the viewer can clickthrough from the video to any online location
an interactive application

offers the unique added value that it upgrades a passive medium like video to a real interactive experience


viewers will spend more time with your video and you can direct them to a location which is interesting for them and for you

Social Media

clickable videos can be freely distributed via Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest while they retain their interactivity

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Clickable video is any kind of online video where the viewer can click directly on the video and be directed towards any online location. That can be a webshop where they can buy those items they saw in the video, it can be a website, a promotion or another video where they can find extra info.
People are very used to clicking on websites and banners, Clickable Video now offers that same interactive capability to any online video, regardless of where it’s being watched.

This application offers the unique added value that a passive medium such as video becomes a truly interactive tool. Interactivity translates in direct engagement.Viewers will spend more time watching your video and you can direct them to a location that’s mutually beneficial.

The clickable videos can be freely distributed via social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, twitter and pinterest while retaining their interactivity.
Our Clickable videos will play on all devices, regardless of whether it’s a PC, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone – we’ll be able to reach your target audience!
You can call on us to produce your top quality video content and we’ll add interactivity according to your requirements. Clickable Video is also known under the name Interactive Video. We collaborate with the fine folks at Zentrick for interactive wizzardry.

Send your viewer to an interesting destination

A clickable video puts the control over the video in the hands of the viewer, so they can decide on what’s most relevant or appeals most to them. It provides a personalized experience that’s very comparable to a normal surfing experience, but which is mostly absent from regular online videos.

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Ytong interactieve video
Essentiel interactieve video
How to obtain massive interaction from your prospect and clients?

Essentiel is well-reputed Antwerp based fashion brand. The label is well known for female glamour, always with an essential dose of fun. One of the aims of the brand is to see their clients become entirely happy with the outfits, without breaking the bank. According to Vogue UK, you should buy Essentiel now before anyone else does. Now, isn’t that a tip?

Recently, Essentiel partnered with Belgium’s most popular fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers for a new collection, designed by Sofie.

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Anubex required a state of the art communication tool. They rightfully understood that there’s no better way to inform future clients about their expertise than via online video.

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Anubex interactieve video
Iris IPM Clickable Video

IRIS IPM is a daughter of the well known Canon group. Iris wants to bring prospects up to date on the availability of an excellent performance monitoring system that will be greatly beneficial for them.

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Danone interactieve video
Add Fun to your video

We invite you to come and play the game directly in the video. Click on as many bottles as you can. Score as many as 90 bottles & claim your discount coupon. Engage your audience like never before!

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