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Clickable Video is fully engaged to utilise the fantastic opportunities offered by online video. We combine proven marketing insights with years of video production experience. We brainstorm with our clients on what’s the best content for them and look on how we can reach their target audience in the best possible way. Then we produce excellent videos that will have a maximum emotional impact with that specific audience.
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Our team of video specialists will take care of all your productional needs, starting at the concept untill we achieve the high quality product we all envisaged. A team of experienced directors, cameramen, editors, graphical artists and marketing specialists guarantee that each step of the production process will live up to the highest standards. For the simple reason that we love high quality. Just as you do!
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A video production is simple. Piece of cake. We’ve been there. Bought the T-shirt. We’re on familiar grounds. We’ll be your guide. In our client base, we serve as well solo entrepeneurs as some of the largest companies around. Redardless of who we work for, our focus is always on the maximal ROI of the video marketing budget. There are plenty of clients who have called on our services, year after year. Worry free and based on open communication.
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Which means lots of thinking, brainstorm sessions, creative meetings, different script versions. It always results in very special moments for our clients.

We never stand still. You can expect the newest trends, the latest technologies and the strongest video marketing insights.

If you want to communicate effectively, do contact us.

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We’ve recorded hundreds of interviews. We had students in front of our cameras, we interviewed people in the street as well as top business people. In the meantime, we certainly have learned how to produce budget friendly video that’s ready to publish on your site or social media.

interactive video from clickable video

Interactive Video

Add a Call to Action to your video! Show your viewers the way directly from your video to any desired online location. Our interactive videos will work as well on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter en G+ while they retain their interactivity. We’ll produce the appropriate video content for you and will add the interactivity.

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Graphics & Animation

Whether you desire 2D, 3D animation or motion graphics, we’ll be able to help you with it. Our super talented team of animators can produce visual gems that will awe your audience. Our creative team is ready to produce any desired graphical style you have in mind. Time and time again we deliver high quality productions.

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Video Marketing

Making the appropriate video content is only the beginning of the story. Of course you want to show the video to your desired target audience. By utilising various video marketing techniques, we make sure that your videos will be seen & distributed, that they will play an active role in your global marketing plan and that viewers will respond to your Call to Action.

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Broadcast Video

With more than 15 years experience in high quality video production, we’ve acquired the insights, people and equipment to produce the highest possible quality videos for you. Clickable Video will make sure that your business will grow by means of high quality video. We’ll make sure you’ll make an excellent impression on your target audience.

It’s actually quite simple: start making use of video in your marketing mix, made to measure for your ideal target audience.

Whatever your plan is, we can assist you, from writing the script to the distribution of the videos.

You’ll notice very fast that video will deliver you much better marketing results than yesteryear’s communication.

Of course we can render all your videos interactive, as well videos that we produce as your existing work.

Contact us now so we can put you on track.

Make the right choice. You can rely on us. Choose for Clickable Video.