Deliver extra info with your video

Many organizations use specific solutions for monitoring individual systems provided by the vendors of those systems. These solutions offer an isolated view on parts of their IT infrastructure. Combining such point solutions into an integrated view is a very costly and time consuming task. IRIS bridges the gap and offers the way out.

We helped IRIS visualize the tasks they perform by means of a high quality motion graphics video enhanced by interactive hotspots.

When viewers click on the hotspots, they are guided to relevant sites where they can obtain more info.

IRIS IPM is a daughter company of the well known Canon brand, they wrote this nice comment to us:

You created a promo video for us, which the new management likes a lot (so does the old staff )

We discussed, that we would like to develop this video a bit, adding new things, leave other things out, changing focus a little, and tailor it to Canon’s needs.

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