Learn the best practices from a well known fashion brand!

The outgoing links lead to blanco pages since the campaign is over !

Recently, Essentiel partnered with Belgium’s most popular fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers for a new collection, designed by Sofie.

Such an exciting collaboration called for an original marketing campaign. Essentiel chose to use a Clickable Video as main channel of the marketing campaign: We wanted to present the collection in a fun and interactive way with the focus on our customers. We want the Essentiel customer to experience the collection; see the clothes in movement and get to know Sofie Valkiers, our guest collaborator” according to Maja Malovrh, e-commerce manager for Essentiel. “ The first reactions were positive and people were  using the functionality despite the fact that it is quite new. We received good feedback so far.”


In effect, the numbers so far have been quite convincing: more than 1 in 2 viewers actually played the video, they actually interacted with the video at a rate of 3 to 4 times per minute. At the end of the clickable video, the viewers have a chance to win an outfit from the collection via a facebook contest. The response rate for this contest varies between 20 to 50 % which clearly indicates the engagement of the viewers. Since the clickable video is optimized for social media sharing, we notice that people are very inclined to share the video with their peers.


Working with online video is high on the agenda for Essentiel: “Video is rather important for us since it conveys our brand in a more dynamic way. It is something we would like to keep doing and are already thinking about our next ones to come!” according to Maja Malovrh.

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