Anubex required a state of the art communication tool. They rightfully understood there’s no better way to inform future clients about it’s expertise than via online video. On the one hand, it was essential to visualize the complex workflow in an easy to understand manner. On the other hand, it was important to provide extra info in the video, without overburdening it or making it extra long.

This animation video was produced in close collaboration with the management team at Anubex. One of the challenges was that their whole workflow happens in cyberspace, basically there’s nothing we could use of the shelf, every item in the process had to be visualized in a symbolical way.

Next to creating the video, it was essential for Anubex to direct the viewer towards a webpage where they will find more relevant info. We offered them the possibility to add a clickable layer on top of the video. On several moments in the video, the user can click on a hotspot, then a slide-in will cover a part of the video where he can obtain more info. From there it’s easy to link through to a dedicated webpage where even more info is available.

The really interesting part of these clickable video’s is that they remain interactive even when they are shared via social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other platforms.

Anubex is a trusted and renowned company specialized in the migration or transformation of complex IT infrastructures for some of the world’s largest banks, insurers, manufacturers and government institutions.

They are super specialized in the migration of old IT infrastructures into the newest and future-proof systems, such as mobile platforms and cloud computing. The interesting part is that Anubex manages this migration without any downtime for the old system, in order that the old systems switch to the newer versions without complications nor downtime for all the users involved.

No wonder they serve some of the world’s top brands such as Air France, Alcatel Bell, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Ford motor company and so on.

We’re quite happy to help Anubex spread the word about their expertise, so they can reach out to help more clients all over the world.

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